Cherished Moments with

Last night as I was putting my sweet little girl to bed, we sang our favorite song (you are my sunshine, I have sung it to her since she was born), I laid with her in her bed, and we watched the stars from her unicorn dream light stuffed animal dance on the ceiling.  As we were laying there I put my head on her little chest, listened to her heart beat, and she kissed my head and said “I love you momma”.  I cherish these soft sweet moments with my bouncy baby girl  (who is a totally THREEnager).  As we laid there we could hear her brother giggling up a storm in his room (where his daddy was putting him to bed…or more like piling all of his stuffed animals on top of him).

As I lay there listening to my son giggle I could see her smiling and trying to figure out what was going on. So then we started to be silly.  To be completely honest I began to sniff her all around her neck and pretend that she was stinky (the things kids think are so silly). I know super weird…but she thought it was HYSTERICAL.  To hear her little giggle turn to a belly laugh.  I couldn’t contain my own laughter.  I cherish these times.  When I finally kissed her goodnight and went to leave the room she looked up and said in her little baby girl voice “momma, will you pretend that I am stinky again tomorrow”.  Of course I will my sweet girl of course I will.

Cherished moments, fleeting moments, moments that we will never be able to get back.  As my children grow they will not want me to sing them to sleep (my six year old son has already told me he doesn’t need me to sing his song or go through what we did that day, which was our nightly routine EVERY NIGHT since he was a toddler).  These moments go by too fast.  Before I know it I will turn around and my kids will be graduating from school and going off to college and starting their own lives independent from me. I want to bottle them up and keep them this way forever.  I want to remember every word, every mis-pronunciation, every silly game and funny face, I want to capture those beautiful faces, and keep every paper that comes home from school, the first time they write their name, and read a book.  ALL of it!  I want to remember every detail of everyday of every minute of their lives….but I know I can’t do that.

Memories are what we have to hold on to.  Memories are what we have to look back at and reminisce about when they were little.  Pictures are what we have to look at to help us trigger those memories and bring them back to life.

Here is the thing…we LOVE to look back at images of our kids to remember these moments.  Don’t you think that our kids would love to look back at these moments and remember US?  We often forget the WE are the ones that are BEHIND the camera ALL the time.  Think about when our babies have babies and they want to share memories with their kiddos.  Or when our daughters turn 30 and want to see if they look like there mom did when she was 30. Or what about when our grandkids (who may or may not exist yet) want to know what their grandmother looked like when she was little.  How will they do this without a photograph or a video to pull those images from. We, MOMS, are hardly EVER in the photos with our kids.  Yes you might snap a selfie from time to time with your kiddos, but do you really have a moment? How you looked? How your child looked at you? How you looked at your kiddos? Your interactions? Your smiles? Laughs? Embraces?

These moment…these precious moments are fleeting.  Wouldn’t you love to capture the love and bond between you and your baby, your  toddler, your pre-teen, your teenager, your college student, your adult daughter before she is a mom, maybe your daughter or son and their  new baby.

Moms…this year I want to offer you just that. I want to offer you the opportunity to just sit and BE with your kids.  Engage with them. Be silly with them. Hug them. ALL in front of my camera, in my studio, in a very basic setting, where YOU and YOUR kids are the focus.  No more excuses about “I hate the way I look in pictures” or “no one wants to look at pictures of me, just get the kids”.  You know what…your kids DON’T CARE what you look like, your kids CARE about having you in pictures with them.  It is important to capture these moments…you will miss them when they are gone.

I can’t WAIT to capture these memories for you.  These Sessions will take place on April 9, 10, and a FEW spaces will be available on Monday April 11. Reserve your spot TODAY by emailing me at


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